Monday, April 14, 2008

RIP Melody Lucy Ann King 1946-2008


i will miss you forever. hurts so bad....


Friday, April 11, 2008

Fat Tuesday's

Go there...

Get some...

Get drunk...


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Friday, April 4, 2008

A slave to trends

What is up with people who think wearing sunglasses inside is cool?

Or people who drive a base chrysler 300 and wear a retarded amount of fake gold chains?

Or their wives who dress in pink football jersies and have their matching pink hat worn to the side?

And they let their kids run around unattended.

Why are people like this? Especially people in their late 40s...

Its a disgrace...people need to look in the mirror a little bit more before stepping out for the day.

Oh panda express...the people that visit.

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Super hickie

It looks like i was hit in the neck with a paintball.

Heres hoping that it wears away before work on sat.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Daily giggle #2

ummmm anything to do with today's (kinda yesterday) April Fools day madness.

Last year, I told my mother that Sara was pregnant and it was awesome. I wanted to do something this year but I had to top it. my ideas were:

Thom got into a car accident and died - too much...

Thom calls and tells her that hes gay - perfect! but Thom wouldnt do it...said it was too gay (duh!)

I call and tell her that through some bloodwork I had done a while ago, I contracted HIV (read the news) - this was a golden idea that i was so close to doing but pulled out (teehee) at the last second.

So another AFD goes by uncelebrated but this just gives me more time to think of something for next year.


wtf??!?1 #2

Art Price, Jr., 40, has been charged with four counts of public indecency after a neighbor videotaped him getting all nasty with the umbrella hole in the middle of his plastic picnic table. Apparently preferring the table's legs in the air, Price reportedly flipped the table over before forcing himself inside of it.

Price admitted that his skeevy antics took place both inside and outside of his home, and police say he did his table humping in broad daylight, not far from a school.

In addition to public outrage, we imagine there's considerable jealousy among Price's other lawn furniture. While barbecues and lawn chairs don't have many places for good loving (unless you're big enough for that drink holder), we're sure that plastic gnome hiding in the hedges is wondering why he wasn't chosen. The garden hose, however, is probably pretty relieved.

wow...i really dont know what to say.

btw...this isnt becasue its april fools day.